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Declaration of Potsdam
At the occasion of the network General Assembly, Les Rencontres met in Potsdam on City invitation and with the participation of State Brandenburg, to explore the role to play by the local and regional authorities in film industry digital transition and its consequences on training, economy, cultural diversity and independence.

Digitalization plays a role worldwide in the production chain from producing until archiving films. If managed with care and common sense, it should provide major benefits for studios, distributors, cinemas and most importantly for the cinema-going public. Digitalization went through a very fast development. It causes a lot of changes for society as a whole. But producing films is also a creative process, in which education and skills are important preconditions. Besides learning our children how to read and write, we should learn them also how to handle the new media in an intelligent and responsible way.

It is necessary to get the latest information about technical developments; on the other hand it is very expensive to stay up-to-date with the digital equipment. It is good when universities offer best possible combinations between science and all day practice. Authorities, also the European Union, should take their responsibility and have to play a facilitating role. Also the local authorities should support film production houses and young talents.

During the past years a large number of European territories marked significant progress in the attempts to digitalize. In Potsdam we have shared experiences to achieve great successes in digitalization:

1.    Political support on European, governmental and local levels
2.    Financial support with equal distribution
3.    Plan and control the process
4.    All participants in the business chain must cooperate

In Potsdam we concluded that it is useful to install equipment and experience from pilots. In all our European countries we have enough experts such as legal and business negotiators and branding specialists. Besides following the latest digital developments it is very important that content and quality of films is the first priority.
In this objective, on proposition of the European Digital Cinema Forum, Les Rencontres will draw up a brochure in consultation with film industry professionals in order to present issues and opportunities of cinemas digitalization support to the local and regional authorities, to their elected and professionals.

Potsdam, 29 October 2011