Les Rencontres d'Umeå (26-29 May 2014) Print E-mail





In Umeå, the northernmost European Capital of Culture since the creation of the title in 1985, we focused on cultures and creativity in Northern Sweden. Located on the Arctic circle, this region is characterized by great spaces and extreme conditions, dynamic and creative cities and the presence of the Sami, the indigenous people of Scandinavia who live in a wide area encompassing the north of Sweden, Norway, Finland as well as the Kola peninsula in Russia.

Researchers, representatives of associations and cultural structures, politicians and artists offered us an insight into the Sami culture, presenting its specificities but also the challenges which have to be taken up to preserve this culture and keep it alive. We also get to know the highlights of Umeå 2014, the city’s perspectives of cultural development beyond, local and regional cultural policies as well as innovative and creative projects.

The Sami calendar gives its rhythm to the programme of Umeå 2014, and our meeting took place in the season of returning, Spring. We took advantage of the profusion of cultural events in the city to discover Västerbottens Museum (ethnographic museum tracing the history of the Sami culture), the Bildmuseet (museum of contemporary art), the Institute of Design, Umedalen Sculpture Park (one of the most prestigious in Europe), the House of Music..


2014 being the year of the Refounding of our network, a Board meeting and an extraordinary general meeting took place on this occasion. The new bylaws of our association and Les Rencontres' Charta were on the agenda.

For more information, you can download Les rencontres d'Umeå's programme.


Les Rencontres d'Umeå were organised in collaboration with Umeå 2014, the City of Umeå and the Västerbotten Region.